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Ming Song Dynasty Bronze Cong Form Vase
A Bronze Cong-Form Vase
Song/Ming Dynasty

An unusual small bronze vase in the form of an archaistic cong, the shape originally derived from jade carvings of the neolithic period.

The square form vase situated on a short foot with its nine flanges surmounting each corner of the vase and rising to a plateau with a slightly flared mouth rim.

Height: 10.5 cm, 4 1⁄8” inches

Provenance: Private American Collection

For a vase of similar form and decoration dated to the Southern
Song Dynasty, see Christofides, Emmanuel; Priestley, David & Flacks, Marcus A Life in the Company of Song Ceramics - Chinese Art from the Christofides Collection (Bruges 2017) no.26, p.64

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