Martindale Chinese Art

Creatures and Beasts 2019 Catalogue 

As part of Asian Art in London 2019, we are delighted to bring you our 2019 catalogue and corresponding exhibition.

This year we are pleased to present a cohesive exhibition focused on one of our favourite subjects - Chinese jade. This exhibition may be limited in size, but all the works are impressive, both in their superior quality and physical beauty. We like to think of these works as not just great pieces, but objects that tell a story – from a historical and craftsmanship perspective, where we can imagine a wandering scholar stumbling upon a stone along a meandering river and imagining the possibilities that lie within.

This exhibit has a particular focus on depictions of creatures and beasts in nephrite jade, ranging from the Ming to the Qing dynasty (1368 - 1912).

The catalogue is offered here for a donation of £15 through the website Including worldwide shipping. 

In correspondence to the theme of this year exhibition we have partnered with the Rainforest Alliance. 

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