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Kangxi Powder Blue Porcelain Rouleau Vase
A Powder Blue Glazed Gilt-Decorated 
Porcelain Rouleau Form Vase.
Qing Dynasty, Kangxi Period 1662-1722

A powder blue glazed vase of cylindrical rouleau form and decorated with gold gilt.

The decoration depicting a mountainous landscape scene which is continuous around the entire vase. Hidden within the landscape are numerous figures, A scholar with attendant, fishermen, and a figure on horseback. To the shoulder a band of diaper pattern with peony motifs.

The neck with a single raised fillet and a series of crenelated, scroll and ruyi-head borders.

Height: 27.7 cm, 10 7⁄8” inches

Provenance: Henry S Marquand sticker (1819-1902)

Private American Collection

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