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Qing Dynasty, 18th Century

The beast is depicted in a recumbent pose with small double upward curling bushy brows. Tapering eyes look over its ruyi form nose baring its teeth towards its tail, almost as though the animal is frustrated and about to bite it.

Its cabbage leaf-like ears point downward towards its scraggly long mane. Each leg is delicately highlighted by a small carved curl at the joint.

The stone is of yellow tone with russet inclusions expertly used to highlight the nose and tail with hints on the mane and its front right paw.

Length: 6.3 cm, 2 1⁄2 ̋ Inches

For a similar carved yellow jade lion dog dated to the 18th century see The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Heber R Bishop Collection, Denise P. Leidy, Wai-fong Anita Siu, James C. Y. Watt, Chinese Decorative Arts The Metropolitan Museum of Art Bulletin v.55, no 1 (summer, 1997) p.25

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